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Both clinic owners Oliver Eaton and Jade Clara Norris know first hand the impact pain and suffering can have on an individuals life. They have previously suffered a series of chronic health issues that they made a full recovery from using the same scientifically proven functional medicine approaches they use within their clinic. They have built their reputation on achieving results when all else has failed, giving their patients the same light at the end of the tunnel that their treatments originally provided for them.

Oliver Eaton  - Osteopath, MSK INJECTION SPECIALIST & Co-Director

Oliver is a qualified osteopath, Medical Acupuncturist and Musculoskeletal Injection Therapist. 

Oliver specialises in the treatment of arthritis, headaches/migraines and complex pain conditions with patients travelling from across the UK and Europe to receive his treatment. He has twice travelled to Nevada in America to be trained by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, one of the world's most respected practitioners in the treatment of pain and chronic conditions and the pioneer of the revolutionary Prolozone® Injection. In 2016, Oliver's success treating patients lead to his invitation to register with the Qatar Medical Office for patients travelling to London from the Middle East for specialist treatment. 
Much of Oliver's specialties were learnt through personal experience suffering from a series of chronic conditions that he managed to make a full recovery from using alternative medicine. This sparked his passion for specialising in chronic pain, building his reputation on achieving success with patients who had previously been told that painkillers or surgery were their only option. 
A keen sportsman, Oliver has previously played both rugby and badminton at a high level leading him to also develop a special interest for sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Jade clara norris - Nutritionist, naturopath, Psychologist & Co-DIRECTOR

Jade holds a Psychology BSc degree, Health Psychology Masters degree alongside qualifications in Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy. She has previously worked in the field of Paediatric Nutrition, training doctors in hospitals throughout the region.

Jade's father is a doctor who has always been into his nutrition throughout his career playing for the British Medical football team. As a child she used to watch him bake banana bread and boast about the alternative milk's that he was drinking, he even built a gym in his house. Observing her father alongside her own personal experience of ill-health throughout her teenage years sparked her passion for nutrition and healthcare. She quickly learnt that identifying the root cause of an individuals symptoms is the first step to facilitating healing in the body, and that nutrition is one of the most powerful ways of encouraging the body back to full health.

With Jade's unique combination of expertise in both nutrition and psychology she appreciates the relationship between our mind and body. Her belief is that there has to be a positive balance between the two in order to achieve optimum wellbeing. 
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