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Osteopathy Price
40 Minutes
(London Price: £75) 
A free 15 minute consultation/assessment is offered at all clinics
Osteopathy Clinic
Determined After Your Free Consultation
(Your first treatment can be offered directly after your consultation)
Arthritis Clinic
Migraine Headache Clinic Price
1 Hour
London: £80 
per appointment
Migraine Headache Clinic
Fibromyalgia Clinic Price
45 Minutes
London: £110
per appointment
Fibromyalgia Clinic
Sciatica Clinic Price
45 Minutes
London: £110
per appointment
Sciatica Clinic
London: £150
Prolozone Clinic
All of our treatments are available in each of our clinics - London, Bedford and Wellingborough.
Please call to book a consultation with one of our practitioners.
0800 107 3238
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