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Do you or someone you know suffer from sciatica? Don't put up with it as the pain can increase in time.

ProHealth Clinic has sciatica clinics in Wellingborough, London, Bedford and Milton Keynes. We are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, expert advice and bespoke treatments.

Our Treatment Approach

After your consultation and assessment, we offer individual tailored advice on the treatments, symptoms and causes
  • Back pain
  • Buttock pain
  • Leg pain
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Remove muscle tension
  • Throbbing or numbness
  • Pins and needles
  • Take pressure of the nerve


When pain is caused to the sciatic nerve we refer to this condition as sciatica.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body and when suffering from sciatica people tend to feel pain in their back, buttocks and legs.

What causes SCIATICA?

There are many underlying factors that can cause people to develop sciatica. 

One of the most common causes is disc injury which can cause pressure on the sciatic nerve. Muscular tension and inflammation can also cause sciatica, as can infection, sports related injuries and growths within the spine.

Full Consultation

As part of a full and detailed consultation, you can expect:
  • Full medical history

  • Physical examination

  • Tests & feedback on the best course of action
London: £120
per appointment
(1 hour)
Get registered and book an appointment at our sciatica clinic. Call Pro Health Clinic today on
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